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University of Minnesota Basketball Scandal
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The Infractions Report
Read the NCAA infractions report, which spells out the penalties the NCAA imposed against the Universityof Minnesota.

Coach Clem Haskins Clem Haskins
In happier times, Haskins appeared on MPR's Midday program and talked about his basketball career with MPR's Gary Eichten. Listen to this archived broadcast from December 2, 1998.

How it Happened
See a timeline of important events in the controversy.

Listen to NCAA news conference (10/24/00).

University of Minnesota President Mark Yudof, outlines the results of the investigation. (11/99)

U of M Athletic Director Mark Dienhart, reacts to the report and announces his resignation. (11/99)

Former tutor Jan Gangelhoff says she has no regrets. (In interview with MPR's Patty Marsicano.)

University of Minnesota President Mark Yudof announces the buyout of basketball coach Clem Haskins (6/99)

Few are surprised at Haskins' ouster. But some are shocked by what he's taking with him.
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Former Governor Arne Carlson (with MPR's Lorna Benson) reacts.

Nick Doty, columnist with the U Daily, says the university acted too soon.
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NCAA gives Minnesota four years probation; no postseason ban
MINNEAPOLIS (AP) - The University of Minnesota escaped the harshest sanctions possible for widespread academic fraud in its men's basketball program because of its vigorous response to the scandal, the NCAA said.
University of Minnesota officials held a news conference after the NCAA sanctions were announced. Listen to their news conference online.
Photo: Patty Marsicano
Minnesota was slapped with four years probation and other penalties, but escaped the punishment it had feared most, a ban on postseason play.

Members of the NCAA's infractions committee said that even though the Minnesota scandal was among the most serious cases of academic fraud in 20 years, they were convinced the school was "deeply ashamed." "You have to determine whether you caught the attention of the university and whether it caught the attention of others," said committee chairman Jack Friedenthal, a law professor at George Washington University. "The University of Minnesota is and should be deeply ashamed of what happened.

"No one is going to go out and think they can violate these rules and think the penalties will not be severe." The committee added slightly to several of Minnesota's self-imposed punishments, adding to recruiting limits imposed by the school and ordering that all records of postseason tournaments during the misconduct from 1993-98 be erased.

The Saint Paul Pioneer Press first broke the fraud story in March 1999, reporting that office manager and team tutor Jan Gangelhoff had admitted writing more than 400 papers for at least 18 players over a five-year period. The story prompted a nine-month, $2.2 million investigation by the university. The NCAA report echoed the finding of Minnesota's internal investigation that former coach Clem Haskins and academic adviser Alonzo Newby participated in the fraud and helped cash to help a student after she was ordered to stay away from the team.

"The violations were significant, widespread and intentional," the NCAA report said. "More than that, their nature - academic fraud - undermined the bedrock foundation of a university and the operation of its intercollegiate athletics program." Friedenthal said the committee strongly considered adding another year to the postseason ban. But committee members were impressed that Minnesota held four implicated players out of the Gophers' first-round NCAA tournament game the day after the Pioneer Press story appeared. The action essentially crippled the team's chances in the tournament, as the Gophers lost that day to Gonzaga.

The committee also was impressed, Friedenthal said, by Minnesota's willingness to return 90 percent of money earned from its participation in three NCAA tournaments, including the 1997 Final Four. The committee did not have the power to enforce such action, he said. The sum was estimated at about $350,000.


The Future of College Athletics
James Duderstadt, President Emeritus of the University of Michigan, talks to MPR's Lorna Benson about proposed changes in athletics. He testified recently before the Knight Commission. (Listen)


October 24, 2000
The final shoe dropped in the University of Minnesota academic fraud scandal . But it was not as heavy as some Minnesotans feared it might be. Many of the National Collegiate Athletic Association's sanctions against the men's basketball program are adjustments in punishments the university has already imposed on itself.

August 1, 2000
University of Minnesota officials said Tuesday that former Gopher's basketball coach Clem Haskins has admitted making a $3,000 payoff to a former tutor. Haskins told NCAA investigators that he gave the money to Jan Gangelhoff, the woman who admitted writing papers for several basketball players.

April 14, 2000
The U.S. attorney's office has issued two grand jury subpoenas seeking information about academic fraud in the University of Minnesota's men's basketball program.

November 19, 2000
MPR's William Wilcoxen looks at the punishment U of M President Mark Yudof has handed out as a result of the investigation.
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October 27, 1999
The University of Minnesota will hold its men's basketball team out of postseason play for one year because of alleged academic cheating in the program, school president Mark Yudof said.
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July 26
University of Minnesota Men's Athletics Director Mark Dienhart appears on MPR's Midday to discuss the hiring of Dan Monson

July 26
Gonzaga's Dan Monson is hired as the new coach, replacing Clem Haskins.
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July 1
Yudof appears on MPR's Midday program to discuss the problems in the athletics department.

June 28
Yudof gets high marks in Haskins' departure.
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June 25
A look back at the life of Clem Haskins and the scandal that led to his downfall.
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June 10
University officials mum on report negotiations are underway to buy out Haskins' contract.
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June 8
University task force issues recommendations on use of booster-club money.
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May 7
University appoints task force to investigate use of booster-club money.
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April 20
Former academic counseling head says University officials knew all about cheating allegations.
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April 16
MPR Poll shows support for Haskins will wane if allegations are proven to be true.
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March 23
More Allegations Surface Listen| Read
U President Mark Yudof's news conference Read
Jan Gangelhoff's news conference (runs 47:47) Listen | Read
A look back at the U basketball program. Listen | Read

March 18
Some Tried to Warn University Officials. Listen | Read

March 12
Yudof Faces the Heat at Legislature. Listen | Read

March 11
Gophers Lose as U Cracks Down. Listen | Read
Students have little sympathy for players. Listen | Read
Administrators consider action. Listen

March 10
Pioneer Press reports allegations Text | Listen

The NCAA Enforcement Procedures.

From the March 11th news conference

Mark Yudof: President University of Minnesota

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The University of Minnesota needs to adhere to the highest standards of ethical conduct, and academic integrity, and if we don't do that we're not engaging in education we're engaging in mis-education.

William Hogan, II: Chair, Board of Regents
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While I am concerned about what has happened, and the board is concerned about what has happened, we are pursuing a good and excellent course, and will through the investigation determine the facts and what should be done.

McKinley Boston, Vice-President for Student Development and Athletics
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The limited amount of time to investigate this story, we believe there is prima facie evidence to support some of the serious allegations.