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The three men vying for the Republican presidential nomination have little in common except their party affiliation. While many of the GOP hopefuls have held political office for year, others are relative newcomers. They make a colorful group -- a talk show host, a state governor and a former prisoner of war. Read on to find out more about George W. Bush, Alan Keyes, John McCain.

George W. Bush
Full Name: George Walker Bush
Party: Republican
Born: July 6, 1946, in New Haven, Connecticut
Age: 53

Political Experience:
Governor of Texas, 1995-present
Adviser and speech writer for Bush-Quayle presidential campaign, 1987-1988
Candidate for U.S. House of Representatives seat for Texas' 19th district, 1978

Work Experience:
Managing general partner of the Texas Rangers Baseball team, 1989-1994
Consultant for Harken Energy Corporation, 1986
President of Spectrum Corporation, 1984-1986
Founder/CEO of Bush Exploration, 1975-1984

Military Experience:
Texas Air National Guard, 1968-1973

M.B.A. from Harvard University, 1975
B.A. from Yale University, 1968

Family: Married to Laura. Has twin daughters, Barbara and Jenna. Lives in Austin, Texas.

Contact campaign office:
Bush for President, Inc.
P.O. Box 1902
Austin, TX 78767-1902
Phone: (512)-637-2000

Web site:

Alan Keyes
Full Name: Alan Lee Keyes
Party: Republican
Born: August 7, 1950, in New York, New York
Age: 50

Political Experience:
Candidate for Republican presidential nomination, 1996
Republican nominee for U.S. senator in Maryland, 1988 and 1992
Assistant Secretary of State for International Organization Affairs, 1985-88
U.S. Ambassador, U.N. Economic & Social Council, 1983-1985
U.S. State Department Policy Planning Staff, 1981-1983
U.S. State Department Desk Officer in Zimbabwe, 1980-1981
U.S. State Department Consular Officer in Bombay, India, 1979-1980
U.S. State Department Foreign Service Officer, 1978

Work Experience:
Host of talk show, The Alan Keyes Show: America's Wake-up Call, 1994-present
Resident Scholar at the American Enterprise Institute, 1987-1989

Interim president of Alabama A&M University, 1987-88

Military Experience:

Ph.D. from Harvard University, 1979
B.A. from Harvard University, 1972

Married to Jocelyn. Has three children -- Francis, Maya and Andrew. Lives in Darnestown, Maryland.

Contact campaign office:
Keyes 2000
5025 N. Central, Suite 408,
Phoenix, AZ 85012
Phone: (888) 307-2526

Web site:

John McCain
Full Name: John Sidney McCain, III
Party: Republican
Born: August 29, 1936, in Panama Canal Zone, Panama
Age: 63

Political Experience:
U.S. senator from Arizona, 1987-present
National security adviser to Dole-Kemp presidential campaign, 1996
U.S. representative from Arizona's 1st district, 1983-1987

Work Experience:
Beer distributor, 1981-1982
Director of Navy Senate Liaison Office, 1977-81

Military Experience:
Navy, 1958-1981
Prisoner of war in Hanoi, Vietnam, 1967-1973
Received Silver Star, Bronze Star, Legion of Merit, Purple Heart and the Distinguished Flying Cross

Graduate work at National War College, 1973-1974
B.S. from U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, 1958

Married to Cindy. Has seven children -- Doug, Andy and Sidney, from first marriage to Carol Shepp, and Meghan, Jack, Jimmy and Bridget, from second marriage to Cindy. Lives in Phoenix, Arizona.

Contact campaign office:
McCain 2000
1158 E. Missouri
Suite 140
Phoenix, AZ 85014
Phone: 602-604-2000

Web site:

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