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Kennedy In, Minge Out in Second District
Democratic Congressman David Minge has conceded the second district race to Republican challenger Mark Kennedy. Minge's annoucement brings to an end almost two weeks of ballot recounting. (December 12, 2000)


McCollum Elected to Congress
Minnesota's fourth congressional district is staying in Democratic hands with Betty McCollum's victory over Republican Linda Runbeck and the Independence Party's Tom Foley. McCollum is only the second woman in state history to be elected to Congress and the first in more than 40 years. November 7, 2000

Close Races Highlight Minnesota's Congressional Ticket
Six incumbents in Minnesota's eight congressional districts won back their seats. The two closest races were in Minnesota's second and sixth districts. In the sixth, voters are sending back Democratic Congressman Bill Luther after he engaged in a tight rematch with Republican challenger John Kline. In the second district, Republican challenger Mark Kennedy won. November 7, 2000

Republicans Retain Control of Minnesota House, DFL Keeps Senate
Republicans picked up one seat in the Minnesota Senate, but DFLers maintain a majority of twelve votes there. Meanwhile, Republicans in the House retained their majority, but by the slimmest of margins Tuesday, with their lead over House DFLers shrinking from seven to four. House DFLers defended all of their open seats in addition to picking up two Republican districts. November 7, 2000

Voters Give More Money to Schools
Saint Paul public schools will gain an additional $105 million over the next five years. Voters in the state's second-largest school district approved their first-ever excess tax levy referendum by a margin of 57 to 43 percent. In Minneapolis, voters overwhelmingly renewed a school district levy for another 10 years. November 7, 2000

Dayton Ousts Grams from Senate
DFLer Mark Dayton is headed to Washington after defeating incumbent Republican Rod Grams. Unofficial returns show Dayton with 49 percent of the vote and Grams with 43 percent. Independence Party candidate James Gibson finished a distant third with six percent, but enough to keep major-party status. November 7, 2000

Candidates Wield Sharp Rhetoric in Final Debate
A sense of urgency prevailed at the final debate of U.S. Senate candidates Sunday night. With the general election capping the campaign Tuesday, James Gibson, Mark Dayton, and Rod Grams displayed a harsher tone at the Fitzgerald Theater. But none of the candidates strayed from the dominant themes of the campaign: health care and Social Security. November 5, 2000

Dayton's Gun Control Position Questioned
A U.S. Senate debate at the Mall of America raised questions about DFLer Mark Dayton's position on gun control. As Dayton sparred with incumbent Republican Rod Grams and Independence Party candidate James Gibson, he seemed to contradict positions he staked out earlier in the campaign. November 3, 2000

Rare Color in the Buttoned-Down World
It's an often-cited complaint: voters say they don't know anything about the candidates running for Minnesota Supreme Court, even though it's one of the most powerful positions in the state. Four Supreme Court seats are up this election. Two candidates are involved in the most colorful match-up, the race between Justice James Gilbert and challenger Greg Wersal. November 2, 2000

Bush Campaigns in Minnesota
Republican presidential candidate George W. Bush predicted he'll carry Minnesota during a campaign stop in Minneapolis. Bush stressed tax cuts, and attacked Democratic opponent Al Gore as a big spender who's achieved little as vice president. November 1, 2000

A Third-Party Blueprint
Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader says his focus is on building a political movement, not on whether his showing hurts Vice President Al Gore or helps George W. Bush. Nader joined Gov. Jesse Ventura in advocating a number of reforms they say would open the political process to third-party candidates and galvanize more Americans to vote. November 1, 2000

MPR Poll: Gore, Bush in Dead Heat in Minnesota
Texas Gov. George W. Bush arrives in Minnesota to try to break a statistical dead heat among likely Minnesota voters. A new poll, conducted for Minnesota Public Radio, the St. Paul Pioneer Press and KARE-11 TV, shows Gore with 44 percent, Bush with 41 percent, and Green Party candidate Ralph Nader with 8 percent. November 1, 2000


Poll: Senate Race is Close
DFL Senate candidate Mark Dayton maintains his advantage over Republican Sen. Rod Grams in the latest poll for Minnesota Public Radio, the Pioneer Press and KARE-TV. The former state auditor leads Grams by five percentage points, the same margin reported in the last MPR poll in September. October 31, 2000

Profile: The 6th District Race
Voters in Minnesota's sixth congressional district will choose between two familiar candidates. Democratic incumbent Congressman Bill Luther and Republican challenger John Kline squared off in 1998 in a race that was decided by four percent of the vote. For this year's rematch, Kline has raised nearly $1 million to help him win the seat. October 30, 2000

Ad Watch: The Ad Police Chastise the Candidates
Minnesota's U.S. Senate race is the most expensive in the state's history, and much of the nearly $10 million spent by the three major candidates so far has been used on television ads. A group of citizens - the Ad Police - watched some of the latest commercials, and they're not happy. October 25, 2000

Third Party Candidates Shake Up Senate Debate
Minnesota's four major-party candidates for U.S. Senate debated agriculture policy, as well as federal spending for nursing homes and the military, Monday at Bethany Lutheran College in Mankato. Constitution Party candidate David Swan brought a radically different perspective to such now-familiar topics as Social Security, calling such government programs unconstitutional and saying they should be eliminated. Meanwhile, DFL candidate Mark Dayton predicted a bitter conclusion to the Senate race, and Republican incumbent Rod Grams defended his use of negative ads. October 23, 2000

Profile: Second District Congressional Race
Minnesota second district congressman, Democrat David Minge, has successfully balanced fiscal conservatism and social liberalism through four terms representing the state's southwest quarter. But this year's Republican challenger, Mark Kennedy, says Minge hasn't accomplished anything, and predicts he can beat the Montevideo Democrat. October 23, 2000

Profile: First District Congressional Race
Voters in southeastern Minnesota face a rematch of the 1996 congressional race between incumbant Gil Gutknecht and challenger Mary Rieder. Four years ago the candidates fought a fierce battle costing a record $1.5 million. October 23, 2000

Social Issues Highlighted in Senate Debate
Minnesota's three major U.S. Senate candidates tackled social and fiscal issues and their own campaign spending and attack ads Wednesday in their first televised debate. NBC's Tim Russert helped moderate the debate, which took place in Minneapolis before an audience convened by the Minnesota Meeting organization. October 19, 2000

Profile: The 7th District Race
Voters in Minnesota's sprawling 7th district will choose from a political veteran and a newcomer in this fall's election. Five-term DFL Congressman Collin Peterson faces Republican Glen Menze, a Starbuck-area farmer. October 19, 2000

Profile: The 8th District Race In northeastern Minnesota, voters in the 8th district have returned Jim Oberstar to his House seat 13 times. This year he faces two opponents, because of a battle during the Republican endorsement process that prompted the loser to run as an independent. October 18, 2000 ReadListen

Debate Features Alternative Senate Candidates
Third, fourth and fifth-party candidates for U.S. Senate had their say in a half-hour debate on Twin Cities Public Television on October 16. Senate candidates from the Grassroots, Socialist Workers, Independence, Constitution and Libertarian parties took audience questions and probed each other's views. Issues ranged from eliminating the federal income tax to forming a "workers' government" and cutting back corporate welfare. On the international front, the candidates showed greater unity in wanting the U.S. out of most foreign affairs.October 17, 2000

Environmental Issues Lead Senate Debate
In their first debate outside the Twin Cities, Republican incumbent Rod Grams, DFL candidate Mark Dayton and Independence Party candidate James Gibson squared off on issues that haven't gotten much attention in the campaign for U.S. Senate, dealing with the environment and the use of federal lands. October 15, 2000

Stadium Issue Enters 4th District Race
The candidates for Minnesota's 4th congressional district seat sparred during their first public debate since the primary. The hottest topic was funding for sports stadiums, despite the fact that it's not a federal issue. October 12, 2000

Profile: 5th District Congressional Race
People in the 5th congressional district will have a choice of five candidates in November. Stalwart Martin Sabo is running again, as are four other candidates, who aren't letting Sabo's seeming lock on the seat stop them from making a run for it. October 9, 2000

Attack of the Attack Ads
For years, voters have said they're tired of negative TV ads from political candidates. But as the general campaign of Campaign 2000 winds down, many candidates are unleashing attack ads. October 5, 2000

Profile: The 3rd District Race
Third District Republican Congressman Jim Ramstad has held the seat for 10 years. But as he pursues his sixth term in office, three other candidates are asking citizens to vote for them instead. October 3, 2000

Senate Candidates Debate; Dayton Sells Stock
Democratic Senate candidate Mark Dayton says he has sold all of his individual stock holdings. Republican incumbent Senator Rod Grams has been calling Dayton a "hypocrite" for selling energy and pharmaceutical stocks now that's he's running for office. October 2, 2000


Luther, Kline Hold First Debate
The two candidates in Minnesota's 6th Congressional District met in their first debate in Ham Lake. Democratic Congressman Bill Luther and the Republican candidate, retired Marine John Kline discussed the federal government's role in tax reform, health care and education. September 29, 2000

Poll: Dayton Catches Grams
The first poll since the primary election shows Mark Dayton has garnered much of the previously undecided vote, and now leads incumbent U.S. Senator Rod Grams. 9/28/2000

Nader Campaigns in Minnesota
Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader attended a fundraiser in Minneapolis. He held a rally at the Target Center. Nader, who has been waging a media campaign to be included in the upcoming presidential debates, also took time to outline his agricultural policies during a state Capitol news conference. 9/22/2000

Senate Candidates in Television War
A week into the general election campaign, the first attack ads of Minnesota's U.S. Senate race are on the air. The Republican National Committee and Republican Senator Rod Grams are running a commercial questioning the credibility of DFL Senate candidate Mark Dayton. Dayton is out with his own ad challenging Grams on the issue of Social Security, but it doesn't rise to the level of a personal attack. 9/20/2000

The First Debate
In their first face-to-face meeting since the primary election, the candidates focus on the hot issue of the primary campaign: health care. The trio also sparred over what to do with the budget surplus. 9/18/2000

No Time to Lose
The surviving candidates for U.S. Senate wasted no time hitting the campaign trail after the primary election significantly narrowed the field. Republican incumbent Rod Grams, DFLer Mark Dayton, and Independence Party candidate James Gibson are all promising clean campaigns focused on the issues. But the rhetoric is already heating up. 9/13/2000

Senate Race Already a Slugfest
Former State Auditor Mark Dayton captured more than 40 percent of the vote to win the competitive DFL Senate primary. Dayton now faces Republican Senator Rod Grams, who came out swinging when he found out who his DFL opponent is. 9/13/2000

Independence Party Could Be Player in Senate Race
Software developer Jim Gibson says as the Independence Party candidate for U.S. Senate, he can chart a centrist path between Republican candidate Rod Grams and the winner of Tuesday's DFL primary, Mark Dayton. Gibson, the Independence Party's endorsed candidate for the Senate, easily beat his opponents to clinch his party's nomination. But Gibson says he faces an uphill challenge, both in raising the money he needs to compete, and in getting equal treatment among Republicans and Democrats. 9/13/2000

DFL Rift Overshadows Congressional Race
Betty McCollum, Linda Runbeck, and Tom Foley have advanced to the November general election in the race to succeed retiring Fourth District Congressman Bruce Vento. DFL endorsee McCollum won a hotly contested primary last night. But a couple of her party rivals are upset about negative campaigning in the primary and are not sure they'll work for McCollum. Republican and Independence Party candidates see the DFL rift as a chance to take a seat the Democrats have held for 52 years. 9/13/2000

Four Candidates, Few Differences
The candidates for the DFL nomination for U.S. Senate squared off in the final debate of the primary election season Sunday night in Saint Paul. But their efforts to separate themselves from each other failed, as the debate revealed more about what they have in common. 9/10/2000

Affidavit Raises Possibility of Dirty Tricks in Senate Race
An affidavit released by the Anoka County Attorney's office shows what may be a link between Republican Senator Rod Grams' re-election campaign and some e-mails critical of one of his DFL rivals, Michael Ciresi. The affidavit says the e-mail account used to send the e-mails was used in the home of one of Grams' campaign advisors, Christine Gunhus. Grams has emphatically denied that his campaign was involved in creating the e-mails, in which the sender posed as a DFL activist. 9/8/2000

Political Ads Play Loose with Facts
An estimated $7 million has already been spent on ads in Minnesota's DFL Senate primary race, and the candidates are increasing their presence in the final days of the campaign. The three big spenders - Mike Ciresi, Mark Dayton and Rebecca Yanisch - are running new television spots touting their various endorsements, but the ads of all three contain some misleading elements, according to an ad analyst. 9/8/2000

Ad Watch: The Fourth District Race
The Fourth District Congressional candidates are competing for voters' attention in a campaign that's largely been dominated by the big-money Senate candidate ad buys. 9/6/2000


Fourth District Candidates Debate at State Fair
Candidates vying to succeed Bruce Vento in Congress debated on Minnesota Public Radio. The race is developing into the state's hottest contest. 8/31/2000

Dayton Leads in Latest Senate Poll
DFL Senate candidate Mark Dayton has developed a solid lead over his primary opponents, according to a statewide poll for Minnesota Public Radio, the St. Paul Pioneer Press and KARE-TV. Dayton continues to have the highest name recognition of the DFL candidates, and is as well known as Republican Senator Rod Grams. 8/25/2000

The Money Trail
DFL Senate candidate Mark Dayton spent nearly $3 million dollars on his campaign in the past seven and a half weeks. That's nearly twice the spending of his nearest financial competitor among the DFL Senate candidates. Dayton used the bulk of the money on television ads that have been saturating the airwaves and may have led to his recent bump in the polls. 8/25/2000

Campaigning at the Fairgrounds
If Minnesota elections have an unofficial starting gun, the State Fair is it. And with a highly-contested DFL Senate primary just over the horizon, this year's candidates are preparing for a mad sprint to the finish line. 8/25/2000

Gore Pulls Ahead in Minnesota
A new poll shows Vice President Al Gore has taken the lead among likely Minnesota voters. Over the summer, various polls have shown Gore and Texas Governor George W. Bush in a virtual dead heat to carry the state. But the survey, conducted for Minnesota Public Radio, the St. Paul Pioneer Press, and KARE-11 TV, shows Gore leading Bush by eight percentage points. 8/24/2000

Ad Watch: The Value of Humor
As more and more campaign ads fill the airwaves this election year, a couple of candidates are trying different approaches to cut through the clutter. A commercial created by Minneapolis adman Bill Hillsman for Green Party presidential candidate Ralph Nader parodies a popular MasterCard ad campaign, and Fourth District Congressional candidate Cathie Hartnett makes fun of herself in a series of humorous radio ads. 8/23/2000

Ad Watch: DFL Candidates Prepare for the Primary
With less than three weeks left until the September primary, DFL Senate candidate Rebecca Yanisch is out with a new television ad. She joins DFLers Mike Ciresi and Mark Dayton, whose campaigns have gobbled up huge chunks of television airtime over the past few weeks. 8/23/2000

Senate Candidate Profile: Jerry Janezich
In June, state senator Jerry Janezich survived hours of debate and nine ballots to become the DFL's endorsed candidate for U.S. Senate. With the party's backing, the support of the state's major labor unions and a strong base on Minnesota's Iron Range, the Chisholm native might seem like a natural choice to challenge incumbent Republican Rod Grams. 8/21/2000

Gore's Speech Reaffirms the Democratic Platform
Vice President Al Gore and running mate Joseph Lieberman began their day on August 18 in La Crosse, Wisconsin. They're starting a campaign boat trip down the Mississippi River and through several key swing states. Minnesota delegates are also on their way home after the final curtain came down on the Democratic National Convention. They say they're energized by Gore's acceptance speech, but state DFLers admit the campaign won't be easy. 8/18/2000

Courting the Black Vote
Both Republicans and Democrats are aggressively courting African American voters this year, from the national conventions to outreach efforts in Minnesota's central cities. But it's clear from several recent events that bridging the gap between politicians and urban voters is no easy task when the topic is race. 8/16/2000

Senate Candidate Profile: Mike Ciresi
The lawyer who led Minnesota's successful lawsuit against big tobacco is tackling what some may see as an even bigger challenge, Minnesota's U.S. Senate race. Mike Ciresi hopes to win a competitive four-way DFL Senate primary and go on to beat Republican incumbent Rod Grams. 8/14/2000

Health Care Issue Separates DFL Senate Candidates
DFL candidates in the U.S. Senate race are looking for ways to distinguish themselves from one another. An MPR debate suggests they've found it: health care. 8/11/2000

Senate Candidate Profile: Rebecca Yanisch
Minnesota has never elected a woman to the United States Senate, but that could change this year, if Rebecca Yanisch has her way. The Minneapolis DFLer is the only female major party candidate seeking to challenge incumbent Republican Rod Grams. 8/7/2000

The Party's Over, It's Back to Work for Minnesota Delegates
Many of the Minnesota delegates to the Republican National Convention head home with optimism that the state is winnable for George W. Bush. 8/4/2000

Ventura Rips Major Parties
As Republicans wrap up their national convention in Philadelphia and Democrats prepare to hold theirs in another week, Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura ratcheted up his criticism of the two major parties. 8/3/2000

Minnesota Delegation Reacts to Cheney Speech
George W. Bush's running mate, Dick Cheney, spoke to the Republican National Convention in Philadelphia and brought the Minnesota delegation to its feet. 8/3/2000

Senate Candidate Profile: Mark Dayton
ecent polls have found more people recognize former State Auditor Mark Dayton than any of the other DFL U.S. Senate candidates. Dayton is a politician who has run in five statewide elections, but perhaps more importantly, his name calls to mind the department store his family founded. MPR chronicles the career and campaign of Senate candidate Mark Dayton. 8/1/2000

Ad Watch: Where Are the Issues?
The DFL's endorsed U.S. Senate candidate Jerry Janezich, has finally joined his major primary opponents in running ads. Janezich is starting with radio ads. In the latest in our series of Ad Watches, Minnesota Public Radio asks analyst Dean Alger to review the Janezich and Ciresi ads. 8/1/2000

JULY 2000

Three Minnesotans Speak on GOP Convention's First Day
he Republican National Convention is underway in Philadelpia. The first day's speakers included three Minnesota candidates: Senator Rod Grams, who is up for re-election this year, and Congressional candidates Linda Runbeck and John Kline. 7/31/2000

Convention Battles Gone, But Drama Remains
The Republican National Convention has begun in Philadelphia. The gathering will culminate Thursday night with the formal endorsement of Texas Governor George W. Bush as the GOP's presidential nominee. Although the party's major decisions have been made in advance of the convention, Minnesota's delegation say there's still reason to be excited. 7/31/2000

DFL Debate Reveals Too Much Candidate Similarity
The four major DFL candidates for U.S. Senate faced off last night during a citizens' forum debate. State senator Jerry Janezich, the party's endorsed candidate joined trial attorney Mike Ciresi, Minneapolis businesswoman Rebecca Yanisch and former state auditor Mark Dayton. In this debate however, the candidates found themselves struggling to differentiate themselves to voters. 7/27/2000

Poll: Most Favor Social Security Privatization
A new poll shows most Minnesotans worry Social Security won't be there for them when they retire, and many want to use the federal budget surplus to shore up the program. 7/14/2000

Ad Watch: TV Ads from Mark Dayton and Rebecca Yanisch
Minnesota Public Radio asks analyst Dean Alger to discuss new TV ads from DFL U.S. Senate candidates Mark Dayton and Rebecca Yanisch. 7/13/2000

Poll: Minnesota Up for Grabs in Presidential Contest
A new poll suggests Texas Governor George W. Bush could be the first Republican presidential candidate to carry Minnesota since Richard Nixon's 1972 victory. An MPR survey shows Bush and Vice-President Al Gore in a statistical dead heat among likely Minnesota voters. 7/12/2000

MPR Poll: Grams Running Strong in Senate Race
With nine weeks to go until the September primary, DFL voters are still undecided and divided about the U.S. Senate race. None of the four major DFL candidates captures more than one-fourth of the likely Democratic voters polled. 7/11/2000

Holiday Puts Spark in Fourth District Race
Campaigning picks up as the official start of the campaign season begins. Candidates are now asking voters for their votes with equal fervor as they asked for their money. 7/4/2000

JUNE 2000

Independence Party Endorses Senate Candidate Jim Gibson has formally launched his campaign as the Independence Party's endorsed candidate for U.S. Senate. Gibson won his party's endorsement with ease, but faces a daunting race ahead. He faces at least two competitors in his party primary, and party officials are hinting others may still enter the race. 6/26/2000

Candidate Profile: Pam Ellison
Two years ago, Jesse Ventura took the political establishment by surprise, defeating two well-known politicians with a campaign that was heavy on blunt talk and short on money. The governor's former volunteer coordinator is hoping to do the same this year in the Fourth Congressional District, which includes St. Paul and surrounding suburbs. Pam Ellison of St. Paul, endorsed by the Independence Party to run for retiring Congressman Bruce Vento's seat, is banking on the district's block of independent voters. But Ellison doesn't have two of the governor's advantages: the name Jesse Ventura and state campaign funding. 6/23/2000

Pump Politics
Despite signs of falling gas prices, House Republicans called on Governor Jesse Ventura to convene a special legislative session to suspend the state's gasoline excise tax. Ventura quickly nixed the idea, but not before a flurry of competing proposals emerged aimed at combatting high prices at the pump. 6/23/2000

Keeping Up with the Venturas
Vice President Al Gore's social call on Governor Jesse Ventura mixed some business with pleasure as Gore talked with DFL stalwarts in St. Paul, visited striking hotel workers in Bloomington, and attended a horse show with the Venturas. Gore made no public statements or speeches, but that didn't stop speculation about the political overtones of his visit. 6/22/2000

Fundraiser in Chief
In his latest visit to Minnesota, President Clinton shows why he can still help win elections, even if he's not running. Clinton says he may be back again before November. 6/12/2000

Power Play
With Minnesota's three-party sharing of government, the first party to control an additional branch, reaps enormous power. Republicans are hoping to hold off a DFL assault on their share of power in the Minnesota House. 6/9/2000

Campaign 2000: Is Minnesota in Play?
President Clinton's frequent trips to Minnesota this spring suggest Democrats are concerned the state could go Republican this fall. 6/9/2000

Janezich Starts at the Top
The DFL state convention has completed its work and the four remaining DFL candidates for U.S. Senate say they are ready for the primary race to begin. Jerry Janezich won the endorsement, but he's got company on the campaign trail. 6/5/2000

Pols Hit the Road Running
DFL candidates for the U.S. Senate aren't missing a beat as they turn their attention from the weekend convention to the September primary contest. Endorsed candidate Jerry Janezich and rival Rebecca Yanisch were out shaking hands and Mike Ciresi and Mark Dayton are also about to begin criss-crossing the state. 6/5/2000

Fourth District DFLers Debate
Incumbents are seeking re-election in seven of Minnesota's eight congressional districts this year. The exception is in the Fourth District, where Bruce Vento's retirement creates an open seat. The district, which includes Saint Paul and its closest suburbs, has been in Democratic hands since 1948. The four candidates running in September's DFL primary gathered on June 1 for a debate sponsored by the Saint Paul Area Chamber of Commerce. 6/1/2000

MAY 2000

Ad Watch: Lillehaug's Radio Strategy
DFL Senate candidate David Lillehaug has taken to the airways with a pair of unusual five-minute radio campaign ads. Staffers say it's a much better way to get their candidate's message to voters than standard 30-second commercials. 5/25/2000

Watchdogs Hope to Counter Political Money Machines
Political contributions from lobbyists and political-action committees rose in Minnesota last year, and some political observers expect the trend to continue this campaign season. Fueling the flow of money, in part, is a Minnesota Supreme Court decision allowing parties to spend unlimited money to help their candidates. Since laws to curb spending have failed at the Legislature, reformers and political leaders are trying another tactic: they'll be offering more scrutiny of campaign advertising by political experts and, hopefully, citizens. 5/24/2000

McCollum Gets Early Boost in Fourth District Race
tate Representative Betty McCollum of North St. Paul won the endorsement last weekend for the Fourth Congressional District race against Republican State Senator Linda Runbeck. But the DFL campaign to replace retiring Congressman Bruce Vento is just beginning. Three other DFLers are considering running against McCollum in a September primary. McCollum will try to persuade the other candidates to drop their bids against her in the name of party unity. But even if she were to succeed, the Fourth District race is shaping up to be a tough, expensive fight. 5/8/2000

Ad Watch
n a new television campaign ad, DFL Senate candidate Mike Ciresi tries to counter the fat-cat image some voters may have of him. 5/4/2000

APRIL 2000

The Sleeper Race
The race to succeed Bruce Vento in Minnesota's Fourth Congressional District could provide a new snapshot of the political base of Minnesota. Some political wags say changing demographics and urban sprawl have put the Republican Party in a good position to take over a DFL stronghold. 4/28/2000

Ad Watch: Grams
Republican Senator Rod Grams rolled out his first re-election television ad this week. It's the beginning of an effort to bolster the image of a politician with relatively low approval ratings for an incumbent. Third in a series. 4/6/2000

Dayton Joins Senate Race
Another DFLer has entered the race against incumbent Republican Senator Rod Grams. Department store heir and former state auditor Mark Dayton surprised officials from his own party by saying he intends to run. 4/3/2000

MARCH 2000

Grams Leads Senate Poll
In the fight to unseat U.S. Senator Rod Grams, the DFL's strongest candidate isn't even a candidate. A poll commissioned by Minnesota Public Radio and the St. Paul Pioneer Press shows former Congressman Tim Penny would beat Grams if the election were held today. 3/3/2000

Bush, Gore are Winners in Minnesota Presidential Poll
A Minnesota Pubic Radio - St. Paul Pioneer Press poll shows Minnesotans have no clear favorite for president. If the presidential election were held today, Republican John McCain would likely defeat Democrat Al Gore in Minnesota by a narrow margin. But Gore would edge out George W. Bush if the Texas governor were the Republican nominee. 3/2/2000


Penny Opts Out
ust one day before he was scheduled to announce his candidacy, former DFL congressman Tim Penny did an about face and said he will not run for U.S. Senate. Penny cited personal reasons for his decision, and the other DFL candidates hoping to run against incumbent Republican Rod Grams rushed to try to convince his supporters to join their camps. 2/28/2000

Ad Watch
The first television ads for the U.S. Senate race and presidential campaign have begun airing in Minnesota. DFL Senate candidate Michael Ciresi is running statewide spots until the March DFL caucuses, and Democratic presidential hopeful Bill Bradley bought airtime in Minnesota earlier this month. 2/28/2000

Civility Rules in DFL Senate Race
The six announced DFL candidates for U.S. Senate agree with each other on most political issues and, so far, the wide field of DFLers hoping to unseat Republican Rod Grams is saving criticism for the incumbent. 2/23/2000

Grams Announces Re-election Bid
U.S. Senator Rod Grams has officially announced, he'll seek re-election to Congress in November. Grams has been mostly in the background as nine Democrats and one Reform Party candidate announced their intentions to seek the seat he has held since 1994. 2/21/2000

Soft Money Survives Attempt at Hardball Politics
A state Senate committee has struck down an attempt to restrict campaign expenditures by political parties. The plan would have restored a provision limiting so-called independent expenditures by parties on behalf of their candidates. But opponents said the plan would give too much power to special interest groups who would remain unregulated. 2/9/2000

Senate Candidates Appeal to DFL Insiders
The DFL candidates for U.S. Senate pressed the flesh with party leaders gathered at a St. Louis Park school Saturday for a meeting of the party's central committee. In addition to passing out buttons and bumper stickers, the candidates addressed the delegates.Description all on one line. 2/7/2000


DFL Senate Candidates Hold First Debate
The five major announced DFL candidates seeking to unseat Republican Senator Rod Grams met for their first debate in Mankato. The candidates sought to distinguish themselves from one another but the task was complicated by their frequent agreement on the issues. Most of their harshest criticisms were directed at Senator Grams rather than each other. 1/19/2000

Trump Holds His Cards
Donald Trump says there's a very good possibility he'll run for president as a Reform Party candidate. Trump was in Minnesota to speak to business leaders and address Governor Ventura's first post-election fundraiser. Trump says if he decides to run, he'll ask for Ventura's endorsement. 1/7/2000


Ad Watch
The 2000 election is 11 months away, yet campaign ads have already begun hitting the airwaves. DFL Senate candidate Mike Ciresi has been running radio spots on the Iron Range, the Republican Party has countered with an attack ad, and the first of what promises to be an explosion of so-called "issue ads" challenges Congressman Bill Luther. 12/9/1999

Janezich Enters Senate Race
State Senator Jerry Janezich today threw his hat into the crowded ring of Democratic candidates for the U.S. Senate seat currently held by Republican Rod Grams. Janezich represents Chisholm in Northeast Minnesota, and as a longtime member of the DFL legislative delegation and a friend to labor, Janezich has many supporters in his region. As he admits, his challenges include shaping a statewide campaign and fund-raising, where he lags behind some of his opponents. 12/8/1999

Too Many Democrats?
Democratic strategists are uneasy about the big, contentious field of candidates for U.S. Senate in Minnesota. Some are already worried about a replay of 1998, when five DFLers slugged it out in the gubernatorial primary. 12/8/1999


Governor Wellstone?
Will Paul Wellstone break his long-standing promise not to run for a third term in the U.S. Senate? In an interview published in the Mesabi Daily News over the weekend, Wellstone seemed to suggest he'd consider running a third time. He now says those comments were just speculation, and he says he still intends to come back to Minnesota at the end of his second term. But Wellstone also opened the door wider for a campaign for governor in 2002. 11/29/1999


Buchanan on Ventura Turf
Presidential candidate Pat Buchanan paid his first visit to the home state of Jesse Ventura since announcing his switch to Ventura's Reform Party. Buchanan continues to be diplomatic toward the governor, saying he respects Ventura's importance in the party. Still, Buchanan was unable to get a personal meeting with Ventura during this visit to Minnesota, and his presence here has highlighted a growing rift inside the state Reform Party. 10/28/1999

Bush Mines Votes in Fargo
Republican Presidential candidate George W. Bush outlined his views on agriculture policy and other issues during a campaign stop in Fargo. Bush was greeted by enthusiastic, mostly Republican crowds, at two public appearances, and picked up an endorsement from North Dakota Governor Ed Schafer. 10/28/1999

The Buchanan Effect
What happens to the Reform Party in Minnesota with Patrick Buchanan as its standard-bearer? 10/25/1999

Kelley Announces for U.S. Senate
State Senator Steve Kelley has added his name to the list of DFLers vying to challenge U.S. Senator Rod Grams in 2000. 10/20/1999

Ciresi Announces for Senate
Republican incumbent Rod Grams was the candidate with the most money in the bank for the 2000 U.S. Senate race. That title now goes to Democrat Michael Ciresi, who officially entered the race and brought with him the millions of dollars he earned on Minnesota's landmark tobacco lawsuit last year. 10/13/1999


Jesse's Clout
For a person who was swept into office on the basis of an anti-professional-politician platform, Governor Ventura is starting to look like a political kingmaker in the maneuvering over a Reform Party presidential candidate. 10/20/1999

Bauer Stakes Conservative Ground
Republican presidential hopeful Gary Bauer brought his conservative campaign to Minnesota. Bauer touted vouchers and local control of schools at Stillwater High School, and picked up the endorsement of the conservative wing of the state Republican Party. 10/17/1999

Bradley Stumps in Minnesota
Democratic presidential candidate Bill Bradley stumped for campaign volunteers and money in Minneapolis yesterday. Some recent polls show the former New Jersey senator neck-and-neck with his only other Democratic rival - Vice President Al Gore, and Bradley has picked up the backing of some prominent Minnesota DFLers. 10/16/1999

Targeting Rod Grams
As summer winds down, Minnesota's political operatives are turning their attention to the next statewide election: the U.S. Senate seat on the ballot in November, 2000. The race is getting special attention from national political strategists, as Democrats see an opportunity to defeat Rod Grams, a Republican incumbent who's not doing well in opinion polls. But state and national Republican leaders say they're confident in Grams' ability to hold the seat. 9/2/1999


Politics Where Pork Is King
Iowa takes its presidential politics seriously, and for good reason. It may be the only time in the next four years that the candidates consider agriculture's plight. 8/13/1999