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How much do you know about Minnesota's great education experiment? Take the quiz below and then click the "Score Me" link to find out.

1. Beginning in 2002, earning a diploma in Minnesota will require:
passage of basic skills tests in math, reading and writing
successful completion of courses in math, english, science, social studies and physical education
demonstrated achievement of a minimum number of designated standards
both 1 and 3
2. Beginning in 2001, what percentage of questions must students answer correctly for a passing score on Minnesota's basic skills tests in math and reading?
60 percent
65 percent
70 percent
75 percent
3. Students must demonstrate achievement of how many standards to graduate?
12 of 24 standards
24 of 24 standards
24 of 48 standards
48 of 48 standards
4. The assignments teachers use to assess student achievement are called:
performance packages
Profile of Learning
basic skills tests
5. Content standard achievement is scored on a scale of :
A to F
1 to 4
unsatisfactory to exemplary
good to bad
6. The 1983 report warning that schools were not adequately preparing students for the workforce was:
A Nation at Risk
Profile of Learning
High School Education: A Report by the Legislative Auditor
Why Johnny Can't Read
7. Students who do not speak English fluently can take which basic skills tests in their native language?
None of the above
8. Most Minnesota colleges and universities plan to factor graduation standard scores into admissions decisions.
9. Approximately what percentage of this year's seniors had not passed a necessary basic skills test before the test was administered this month?
10. According to an October survey by Education Minnesota, the state teachers' union, what percentage of teachers favors making improvements to the Profile of Learning?
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