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Sharing the Wealth: The Changing Face of Philanthropy in Minnesota
By MPR News
September, 2000

America is in the midst of the longest economic boom in its history. Charitable giving, at least in Minnesota, has reflected this time of prosperity. But even prosperity brings challenges. In an age of mega-mergers, many people worry that corporate giants won't have the same community conscience as the firms of the 20th century. What is the future of philanthropy in the new millennium? MPR News investigates in this series.
Sharing the Wealth
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For resources, a planning guide, and audio and stories from the Sharing the Wealth summit, see the Web section from MPR's Civic Journalism Initiative.

Corporate Giving's Changing Face
As the U.S. economy and stock market have boomed, so has charitable giving. But even as donations have risen dramatically in the last few years, philanthropy is changing, especially among corporate programs.
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Times of Plenty
These are times of plenty for foundations in Minnesota and around the nation. Savvy investments in the long bull market have driven their assets to unprecedented levels. While newfound wealth brings great opportunity, it also raises new difficulties for foundations.
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Small Business, Big Bucks
Research suggests that employee-for-employee, small companies are much more generous than their larger counterparts. Small businesses will often pay for projects that benefit the community and boost their standing with neighbors and customers.
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