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Help for ex-offenders

St. Paul, Minn. — Over the last two decades in this country, criminals have been put behind bars at record rates. Now the number of people getting out of prison is also setting records. Many of those people face big hurdles when they leave prison, particularly finding someplace to live and someplace to work.

One Minnesota agency, AMICUS, provides ex-offenders with assistance once they leave prison. MPR's Morning Edition host Cathy Wurzer spoke with two representatives of AMICUS -- a former inmate, Marvin Clark, and from Louise Wolfgramm. Wolfgramm is the executive director of AMICUS, and Clark is an AMICUS program coordinator.

Clark says it's difficult for an ex-con to find work, because many employers simply refuse to hire people who fill out an employment application and answer "yes" to whether they've ever been convicted of a crime. Clark says he has some advice for handling that situation.

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