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DocumentRekindling the Spirit: The Rebirth of American Indian Spirituality
DocumentPart 1: The spirits spoke to him
DocumentPart 2: The seventh fire
DocumentPart 3: Christianizing the Indians
DocumentPart 4: One church, two traditions
DocumentPart 5: Where tradition thrives
DocumentPart 6: Ceremony and symbolism
DocumentPart 7: The healing spirit
DocumentPart 8: Returning to the Red Road
Document'The jewelry on American culture'
DocumentPreserving the language
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A list of background information and resources on Indian spirituality.


Ojibwe Singers: Hymns, Grief, and a Native Culture in Motion, by Michael D. McNally (New York: Oxford University Press, 2000)

The Manitous: The Spiritual World of the Ojibway, by Basil Johnston (Minnesota Historical Society Press, 2001)

Red Lake Nation: Portraits of Ojibwe Life, by Charles Brill (University of Minnesota Press, 1992)

Web sites:

An Introduction to Ojibwe Culture and History

The American Indian Religious Freedom Act

South Dakota Institute of American Indian Studies

Ojibwe Language Society

Ojibwe: Waasa-Inaabidaa, "We Look in All Directions," a public television documentary series on the history of the Ojibwe people.

A biography of Paul Buffalo

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