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'That's Just Janklow'

Sioux Falls, S.D. — The remarkable political career of Bill Janklow ends this week. Janklow is one of the most powerful figures in South Dakota history. The one-time juvenile delinquent served four terms as governor of South Dakota before being elected to Congress.

It all ended in a car crash last summer. Janklow's resignation from the U.S. House took effect Tuesday, and on Thursday he'll be sentenced for felony manslaughter.

Bill Janklow sees things in black and white. He is loved and hated. He was an outspoken man of action, bulldozing his way through political obstacles to get things done. He believed he knew best what South Dakotans needed -- and didn't care whom he offended as he pushed forward his programs and policies. Janklow threatened opponents, and sometimes crushed them.

As the echoes of Janklow's political life fade, some argue he was a great man humbled by a terrible accident. Others say he lived a reckless life and it finally caught up with him.

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