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Red Lake shootings
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Tribal Chairman Buck Jourdain's statement
The text of Red Lake Tribal Chairman Buck Jourdain's statement.

Red Lake, Minn. — Red Lake Tribal Chairman Buck Jourdain released a written statement on Tuesday about his son's arrest:

"Last week, I spoke on behalf of the Red Lake Nation as its leader and a saddened member of this community. Today, I speak as a father. As many of you are aware, my son Louis has been charged in association with the shootings that occurred here last week.

My heart is heavy as a result of the tragic events that unfolded here at our nation. But it is with optimism that I state my son Louis' innocence. He is a good boy with a good heart, who never harmed anyone in his entire life.

I know my son and he is incapable of committing such an act.

As events unfold, it will be proven that the individual who committed this horrible crime did so of his own choice and that he acted alone.

I strongly believe that my son will be cleared of these charges.

I have been notified by the federal government that there is a juvenile court proceeding pending which therefore, will not allow me to comment futher.

Thank you."

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