Friday, June 5, 2020
The new Walker Art Center
The new Walker Art Center
The new Walker -- more than a museum
The Walker's place in the art world
The Walker thinks globally, but does it act locally?
Take a multimedia tour of the new Walker
Director Kathy Halbreich on the $70 million pricetag
A brief history of the Walker Art Center
Composer Philip Glass performs on opening weekend
U of M architecture dean Thomas Fisher on the Walker's design
Critic Dominic Papatola gives his opinions on the new Walker
A new Walker (story audio)
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A new Walker
Larger view
The new Walker Art Center in Minneapolis. (Photo courtesy of the Walker Art Center)

Minneapolis, Minn. — For months now, motorists driving by on a busy stretch of Hennepin Ave. in Minneapolis have encountered a huge metallic box seemingly hovering beside the roadway. Its color and texture change with time of day and with each passing cloud. Depending on where you stand, it may be a block of ice, a stack of gigantic pillows, or a creature from outer space.

All of those connotations are just fine with Kathy Halbreich, director of the Walker Art Center. After all, the individual experience is what contemporary art is all about.

The Walker will open its metal box to the public on Friday April 15, revealing a greatly expanded venue for art galleries, theater, and fine dining.

MPR's Tom Crann met Halbreich on the sidewalk outside the center's new Herzog and Demeron addition, for a tour of the new Walker.

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