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The U.S. Congress is about to decide whether to fund a massive expansion of the locks-and-dam system on the Mississippi River. For years, the debate has fueled the division between the river's navigation interests and environmentalists. Lately, however, the two factions have sought common ground; recognizing that the survival of the Mississippi River is critical to their interests.

In this Minnesota Public Radio project, learn more about the river and the people who work and live on it.

The Whistleblower The Whistleblower
An Army Corps of Engineers economist blows the whistle on those who he says have fixed the numbers to justify a $1 billion construction project benefitting navigation interests on the river.
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The Whistleblower Environmentalists Seize Scandal's Opportunity
Until the Corps' plan was tainted by scandal, their efforts were stymied. Now, environmental groups say they have a good shot at defeating it.
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A Greener Corps? A Greener Corps?
For most of its long history of building dams and straightening rivers, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers hasn't had to worry much about endangered species. But that's changing.
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One Man and a Wheelbarrow One Man and a Wheelbarrow
Each year, Chad Pegracke picks up hundreds of tons of trash along the Mississippi River and some of its tributaries.
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The Sins of Pig's Eye The Sins of Pig's Eye
The Pig's Eye Dump has leaked pollution into the Mississippi River since the 1950s. Now, Minnesota is finally moving to try to contain the problem.
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Last Chance for the Higgins' Eye Last Chance for the Higgins Eye?
Biologists on the upper Mississippi River are making a last-ditch attempt to save a little-known endangered species: a small, mud-brown mussel known as the Higgins' Eye.
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Pregrine Falcons Small Victories Take Flight
For the first time in 40 years, peregrine falcons are nesting and raising young on the cliffs along the upper Mississippi River.
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Made possible by a grant from the Blandin Foundation

Made possible by a grant from the Blandin Foundation