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The Budget at a Glance
Source: Executive Budget Summary


2002-03 Biennium
Where the General Fund Dollars Go
Governor's Recommendations
$27.3 Billion
$350 Million Cash
Flow Account
$1050 Million
Budget Reserve

Budget Reserve will Increase to $700 million.
The governor recommends increasing the budget reserve to $700 million by FY 2003. he does so by requesting that intrest earned on the current budget reserve of $622 million be deposited into the account monthly - allowing it to grow an estimated $78 million during the two-year period. This will permit the budget reserve to increase, without action, to keep pace with the growth in state spending.

Increase in total spending - $709 Million

New spending initiatives under the governor's proposed budget will total $709 million - about 2.6 percent of total recommended spending. This increase in spending is offeset in part , by the $162 million change associated with the 2000 motor vehicle tab reduction, which treats it as a dedication of a portion of the motor vehicle sales tax receipts, rather than an expenditure.