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Changing Currents Forum
Ask and answer river questions in the Changing Currents Forum.

An Editorial Focus on Regional Rivers
Need a visual reference to the rivers and cities mentioned in the MPR News reports? Use this map of Minnesota waterways.

Army Corp of Engineers

Audubon Upper Mississippi River Campaign

Big River Magazine

Carpenter Nature Center

Center for Global Environmental Education

Clean Up the River Environment

Dakota County Parks Department

Dakota County Environmental Management Department

Friends of the Minnesota Valley

Friends of the Mississippi River

Great River Greening

Hastings Chamber of Commerce

Minnesota Board of Water and Soil Resources

Minnesota DNR Trails and Waterways

Minnesota Land Trust

Minnesota Mississippi River Parkway Commission (Great River Road)

Minnesota River Riparian Forest Restoration Project

Mississippi Headwaters Board

National Park Service, Mississippi National River & Recreation Area

Raptor Center of the University of Minnesota

Riverfront Corporation/Grand Excursion 2004

Rivers Council of Minnesota

St. Croix National Scenic Riverway

Upper Mississippi River Campaign

Upper Mississippi River Conservation Committee

Wilderness Inquiry