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13 Questions Answered


Responding Organizations
We asked river groups across the region to answer, from their perspectives, up to 13 questions important for citizens and policymakers to think about. This is who has responded:

• Center for Global Environmental Education
• Coalition for a Clean Minnesota River
• Crow River Organization of Water
• Ducks Unlimited
• Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy
• League of Conservation Voters Education Fund
• Minnehaha Creek Watershed District
• Minnesota Conservation Federation
• Minnesota Department of Agriculture
• Minnesota Environmental Partnership
• Minnesota Milk Producers Association
• Minnesota Mississippi River Parkway
• The Minnesota Project
• Minnesota River Basin Joint Powers Board
• Mississippi Corridor Neighborhood Coalition
• Mississippi Headwaters Board
• Mississippi River Citizen Commission
• Northwest Partnership
• Water Resources Center
• Yellow Medicine River Watershed District

Join the conversation: River Management
"To me it seems completely unacceptable that we knowingly poison the water we drink and the air we breathe, especially when in many cases there are non-toxic alternatives available. This is exactly the sort of pervasive heath issue that cannot easily be dealt with by the individual and does require strong government leadership."
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A Civic Journalism Initiative
On April 29, 2002, some 50 citizens and river-oriented stakeholders gathered at St. John's University in Collegeville, Minnesota, for "Build a Question; Find an Answer," a Civic Journalism Initiative event produced by Minnesota Public Radio, The College of St. Benedict/St. John's University Environmental Studies Program, and KNSR in Collegeville.

Listen to background on Minnesota's Rivers
Three experts provided background information on Minnesota Rivers for participants who developed river-related questions at St. John's University on April 29, 2002.
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The goal of the participants was to develop a set of questions they think are important for policymakers, opinion leaders, and citizens to answer. Their work was distilled into some 13 questions.

Build a Question; Find an Answer
We invited river-oriented organizations and agencies to begin an online discussion, among citizens, policymakers, and anyone with a stake in the health of the region's waterways, by answering as many of the questions as they could. Submissions from river-oriented organizations were posted to this site throughout the month of May. Find responses from the contributing organizations in the left-hand column; see where they stand on these important issues.

Sample questions include:

 How important to you is the river or stream nearest your home, and why?
 What are the most important actions citizens can take to help clean up Minnesota's rivers?
 What are policymakers doing to enhance the current and future health of Minnesota's rivers?
 How can we manage the conflict of private land use and the best management practices for our rivers?

What's your favorite river in Minnesota?
Listen to participants of the April 29 Civic Journalism gathering tell us in these two audio clips:
Listen (part 1)
Listen (part 2)
Are you a citizen concerned about the health of Minnesota's waterways?
We encourage all citizens to pose these questions to policymakers, political candidates, and media decision makers who have some control over river policy. And join in the Changing Currents Forum.