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The Fear of Invasion

"Big Brother is out there, why not make him blush?" says Chris Boen, a student at Concordia College in Moorhead and a columnist for the student newspaper the Concordian.

Confessions of a Private Poet

Poet Molly Peacock is editing an anthology devoted to the subject. She's gathered thinkers from law, literature and medicine to explore what privacy means to them. Peacock says she got interested in the subject, because she didn't value privacy in her early life.

Her memoir is called Paradise Piece by Piece. In the fall of 2000, her anthology The Graywolf Forum on Privacy will be published by Graywolf Press of St. Paul, Minnesota.

Give Consumers Control Over Data
by Congressman Bruce Vento

The right to privacy is an issue that affects our daily lives. But privacy, like many things, is something you don't appreciate until it's gone - often without your knowledge.

Take the example of an Ohio grandmother, Beverly Dennis, who was robbed of her privacy and peace of mind. Dennis made the mistake of filling out a customer survey so she'd be eligible to receive coupons in the mail for her favorite products. What she didn't know was that the direct-mail giant conducting the survey negotiated a deal for prison-labor data entry through the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.
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