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Every day, we trade a little bit of our personal information for something we see as a benefit: easy access to the Internet, more security in our cars, better discounts at the grocery store. In this series, John Rabe and Robin Marks trace the path of personal information through many of our daily actions. They find that people don't always realize how public their information is, and that sometimes the trade-off is more complicated than it might seem.

Shopping Cards
When your grocery list becomes a best-seller.

License Fates -- Your Driving Record
Height, weight, eye color - it's public record.

Giving "body image" a new meaning.

Banking on Privacy
It's not just your balance they want to know

The Pressure To Give It Up
When will info-pressure be bad for business?

Information Brokers
Who are these folks, anyway?

Internet Service Providers
What cost privacy?

No Remedy For Privacy
Over-the-counter pharmaceutical information sales

Selling your location.

How Private Are Your Phone Calls?
On your cordless phone, not very.