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Understanding America after 9/11 - A public radio collaboration

 Understanding America

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The Spiritual Fallout of 9/11
Minnesota Public Radio, KNOW, St. Paul, MN
We delve into uncomfortable religious and moral questions that the September 2001 terrorist attacks raised—questions of meaning that Americans have only begun to ponder one year later. Also, a riveting first-person account of the religious life that grew up at and around Ground Zero and was largely hidden from news reporting. (58:50)

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We Were on Duty
rlpaulproductions and Soundprint Media Center, Washington, DC
We Were on Duty is an oral history of the survivors who were on duty at the Pentagon on September 11. In their own words, you'll hear of their harrowing escape, the ordeals of their burn treatments; and how they've turned to heaven, their families and their military training to pull them through. (1:00:00)

The Marketing of Patriotism
KQED - Northern California
These days the American flag is everywhere - car antennas, and t-shirts; lapel pins, and boxer shorts. Individuals celebrate American symbols, and large corporations are using them too: spending thousands on advertisements showing support for the nation. At first Americans embraced the message. But now critics say the message is rotten. (7:16)

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Changed New York
WNYC - New York, NY
As New York rebuilds after 9/11, a deep sense of loss remains. We'll hear from neighbors who have grown closer; people whose fear of another attack rules their lives; Ground Zero volunteers who yearn for the intensity of their experience even as they suffer from post-traumatic stress and physical health effects. (1:00:00)

From the Archives

Screeners wanted
Jul. 1 - The federal government holds a job fair for federal screeners at the Twin Cities airport. The government will eventually employ more than 1,000 screeners and administrators at the airport as it takes over security from the airlines.

Reporting from Afghanistan
Mar. 18 - NPR's Scott Simon returned from a reporting assignment in Afghanistan and he was in the Twin Cities on Mar. 18 to report on what he saw. He appeared on MPR's Midday.

House passes anti-terrorism package
Mar. 20 - The House adopted a broad anti-terrorism bill aimed at giving police more training, emergency workers more equipment and prosecutors more power. It passed 94-39, with support from Democrats and Republicans.

Ventura says legislators have made Minnesota vulnerable to terrorists
Mar. 7 - Ventura told an emergency management conference that a budget-balancing bill passed last week over his objections has depleted the state's reserves and has made the state vulnerable.

How We've Changed
After Sept. 11, commentators suggested that the events would change America forever. In the last few weeks, Minnesota Public Radio reporters and editors have been gauging areas of that change. We also asked our Web visitors to write commentaries telling us their personal stories of change

Ventura proposes $16 million in four-year anti-terrorism plan
Jan. 31 Gov. Jesse Ventura revealed an anti-terrorism spending package Thursday that is far leaner than plans proposed by Senate Democrats and House Republicans. Ventura would spend $6.8 million by 2003 and another $10 million by 2005, with about half the money going to the health department for better planning, training and equipment to detect biological weapons.

Research priorities have changed since Sept. 11
Jan. 29 Since September's terrorist attacks, scientists across the country have refocused their work. Many researchers, including those at the Mayo Clinic, are now concentrating on preventing or combatting terrorism. As a result, some say, they've put other worthy projects on hold.
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