Singing in the Shadow of AIDS
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X Plastaz
X Plastaz takes its name from plasters, or bandages, and claims that their music is the bandage for x, the unknown ills of society. Their beats and rhymes are grounded in the the dynamic Tanzanian experience -- urban and pastoral lives, traditional chanting and modern poetry.

From the album "Maasai hip hop" (All tracks in mp3)
1. Dunia dudumizi

2. Msimu kwa msimu

3. Wachaga piga chata

4. Ushanta

5. Kutesa kwa zamu

6. Aha!

7. Kusanyikeni

8. Haleluya

9. Not ready

10. Bamiza

11. Kitita

12. Shika lako

13. Nini dhambi kwa mwenye dhiki

Aang Serian Peace Village Studios
While promoting indigenous culture through village tours, fair trade and the sponsorship of a secondary school in a Maasai village, Aang Serian ("House of Peace") also manages a hip hop studio in Arusha. A community of MCs, including members of X Plastaz, are currently recording an album on health issues. These are some of their first studio recordings. (All tracks in mp3)



Track 3 (Untitled)

Track 4 (Untitled)

Maasai recordings

Chanting is an integral part of ritual and ceremony in Maasai culture. Here, youth celebrate the opening of the Aang Serian-sponsored secondary school. This recording was made by handing a microphone to one of the warriors and having him jump into the middle of the chanting circle.