Singing in the Shadow of AIDS
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Part of Document Kenya: Songs of Forgotten Children
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Nyumbani Watoto wa Mungu Choir - See the Light
The orphans at the Nyumbani Institute are all HIV positive, but that doesn't stop them from helping to educate their nation. Their choir, Watoto wa Mungu, or "Children of God," is a huge commercial success and actually topped the Kenyan charts at its release. Even though they may sing out of tune, their hearts are in the right place, and their music has had a significant effect in working to break down stigma and discrimination against those living with HIV.

1. Intro (AIDS)

2. Mola Wanga feat. Rufftone & Henri Mutuku

3. Nishike Mkono feat. Amani

4. Beautiful feat. Koi, Keva & Don Rawzi

5. Children of God

6. Forward

7. Give Me Peace

8. Shauri Yako feat. Don Rawzi

9. Happy

10. Little Children

11. Our Father

12. Jaribu Tena feat. Ousman

13. Overcome

14. Alive

15. Sunflower

16. Mfalme - feat. Mashifta